Documentary Film Festival of Seattle

This past spring I created an advertising campaign and promotional materials for the fictional Documentary Film Festival of Seattle. I chose a documentary film festival out of the options of animation, sci-fi, documentary, or erotic. The challenge lay in discovering why an audience would choose this genre over others that have a more obvious, “shiny” appeal. 

My concept was created after doing user research by interviewing documentary film fans. I wrote tag-lines and sourced imagery. I created layouts for different media and combined content into an After Effects animation.

After Effects Ad

Logo Design

DFFS logo


Since this was a campaign for a hypothetical festival, I had to create the brand from scratch. I created a logo that depicted a bold look through a lens. High contrast and modern typography helps the logo stand out against any imagery, and the pop of color in the “D” depicts that the interest lies in the “documentary” aspect of the films. A simplified “favicon” version of the logo can also be used.

ipad Ad Series


What I learned through my research was that documentary-lovers appreciate how relatable the genre’s characters are. The viewer knows that the stories really happened and this credibility makes it possible to follow often-implausible narratives. You just can’t make this shit up. I chose iconic and just plain wacky photos from an era before Photoshop for my imagery. Knowing that the scenarios actually happened illustrates my concept.  

Merchandise Series

DSFF merchandise
DSFF merchandise series, for those who also like to document their own lives

The imagery I sourced and both versions of my logo design lent themselves to an animated ad, bus stop ad, billboard, web page mockup, posters, and a full suite of festival merchandise.


DSFF t-shirt

Poster Series

Bus Stop Ad