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I created MUSE — Faces of Inspiration, as a music and lifestyle magazine showcasing the stories of inspiring musicians from any genre, and the people, places, and things that inspired them. It also includes advice and recommendations on how to kindle your own creative spark. Its target audience is creatives from 18-55 in any discipline who are looking to discover new artists and keep their own creativity alive.





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“Wycliffe” by Maya Lewis

To emphasize the message that music can inspire many forms of art, each issue of MUSE has a featured illustrator. In the case of Issue No. 3, I created illustrations for over half of the articles, including vector backgrounds (in Illustrator) and full-spread portraits (with Photoshop brushes).

I also designed covers for back issues of the magazine, and a layout for MUSE’s website, to expand my brand.

Back issue cover designs:

Muse Issue 1


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