Augmentour is an exercise app that implements the technology of Augment to get even a couch potato into local parks to learn a variety of exercise techniques in a fun, game-like environment.

Augmentour routes would be created throughout the city by placing large pinwheels with scan-able markers in local parks. When discovered and scanned, these markers utilize AR technology to give the user a visual representation of exercises to complete. The 3-d models also provide directional information to the next goal.

To incentivize users, these models can be personalized if they choose to log in to the app, and they can order a 3-d model of themselves doing the exercises at the completion of a route.

Project parameters:

Design an app that incorporated the technology of Augment, environmental graphic design, and a wayfinding system reliant on 3-d models, that took a user to different locations and provided a tangible prize at the completion of a route.


6-week project


I collaborated with Janell Davis in concepting the app, doing heuristic analysis of other apps, designing wireframes and task flows, and brainstorming and story-boarding user goals. I wrote a primary user profile, created the logo, mocked up our screens, built our 3-d models, and created a final prototype of our app.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Rhino, Marvel

Skills used:

project management, UX design, branding, app design, illustration, 3-d modeling, prototyping

3-d models created in Rhino

3-d models created in Rhino


Logo sketches:

Final logo design:

User profile and goals:

Task flow:

Task flow